Ableton Live, Synthesis, Production, and Mixing

Tyler is an electronic recording artist and teacher.  His work has been released by Not Art Records, Off Recordings, and has been recognized by ASCAP, Downbeat, and others. 

Lesson topics can include:

  • Engineering – Choosing and operating an interface, mic choice and placement, acoustic vs. electronic inputs
  • Synths – Software synthesizers can be dauntingly complex at first and I can help you learn to quickly create the sounds you desire
  • Beats – Drum machines, sequencing, quantized vs. unquantized, side-chaining, hip-hop, techno, bass music, house, pop, any genre
  • Mixing – Professional EQ technique and tips, balance, panning, phasing
  • Compression – Getting a full, resonant tone from every input with good compression/limiting technique
  • Effects  – Reverb, delay, distortion, chorus, doubling, side-chaining, etc.
  • Arranging – How to work with songwriting, acoustic instruments, and layered vocals
Ableton Lessons in Brooklyn, New York